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Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Buying a used car is risky business. Even if an automobile's CARFAX report comes back clean, you are still gambling by purchasing a pre-owned car. You can protect your investment by purchasing a warranty. However, most used car warranties do not last that long and don't cover all mechanical failures.

When buying a used car, it is a good idea to explore the option of buying a certified pre-owned auto. Premier Auto Financing can secure you the funding you need for purchasing a certified pre-owned car! Apply now for a certified used car loan.

Certified pre-owned vehicles are cars that have been put through a series of tests to determine whether or not they abide to manufacturer-set standards. Once an automobile satisfies these conditions, the manufacturer will put the car back on the market for sale. Certified pre-owned cars can cost $1000 - $3000 more than non-certified used cars. But, with a certified used vehicle, you obtain a manufacturer's guarantee, giving you peace of mind that your car is mechanically sound and that all mechanical repairs will be covered. Learn more about auto warranties.

Determine what kind of automobile you want!
We suggest you read about which used cars Premier Auto Financing thinks are the best investment.

If you are in the market for a certified used automobile, be advised that not all offers are the same.
The various manufacturers will perform a different set of tests to a car. Also, the manufacturers will also offer different enticements for purchasing. For example, a two year, 60,000 mile warranty may be offered by one manufacturer. Another may offer two years at 50,000 miles above the original warranty of the car. Make a purchase that is right for your needs!

You can't lose with purchasing a certified pre-owned car!
Even though these cars cost more money, and the incentives will vary from vehicle to vehicle, you really can't lose! Although testing may be different for each car manufacturer, the testing is thorough. Manufacturers will not just pass every car to meet the requirements for become certified.  They do not want to have pay expensive repairs.

What kind of cars are offered as certified pre-owned?
Certified pre-owned cars are newer cars or trucks, usually coming off a lease. The reason being that it is easier to trace the service history of newer cars, especially leased ones.

Buy a car you normally could not afford!
One of the biggest markets for certified pre-owned cars is luxury cars. You can purchase a certified pre-owned Mercedes, or any other type of luxury car, at a much lower price than a new Mercedes.

A few tips to follow when buying a
certified pre-owned automobile:
Research! This entails comparing the different certified pre-owned programs offered by the different manufacturers. You can visit Kelley Blue Book to do comparisons.

Negotiate! You can still negotiate the sale price of you certified pre-owned car. You can learn how to negotiate here. You can also learn how to deal with the hardball tactics dealers try an pull.

Read the fine print! Make sure you read the warranty very carefully before finalizing any purchase.

Apply now for a certified pre-owned car loan.

We offer low rate loans for buying certified pre-owned Infinitis.

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