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Getting Top Dollar for Your Used Car

When you are selling your used car, you obviously want to get the best price you can for your car. There are several steps and actions you can take that will allow you to accomplish this.

Know the Value of Your Car!
You must find out what the market value of your car is before any potential buyer comes to visit. You can locate the market value of any car for free by visiting Kelley Blue Book. Print out your findings so that you can show them to the buyer. Make sure you are not looking at the 'Trade In value'. The Trade In value is what a dealer would offer you for your used automobile and is significantly less than what you can get for selling your car privately.

Wording Your Add
Any add, online or in the newspaper, that you place for selling your used car has to be worded properly. This means adding 'firm' or 'non-negotiable' to your asking price. Never, never write 'best offer'. Writing 'best offer' means that you are anxious to sell your car. In all likelihood, 'best offer' will translate into less money.

Dealing with Scratches, Dings, Stains and Wear & Tear
You are definitely going to have potential buyers that are going to complain about every little thing wrong cosmetically with your car. Minor imperfections are accounted for in the depreciation value of your car. If you have large dents and/or scratches, tears, etc., then you may need to adjust your asking price lower than the reported Kelley Blue Book
value. You can take a trip to your local auto body shop and find out how much it would cost to fix any damage and then subtract that amount from the market value. Be fair, otherwise you are going to have a hard time selling your car.

Be Confident in Your Price! Don't Get Low Balled!
You will always get people coming to look at your car that want to get 'something for nothing'. You'll be asking $7,000 for your car, and they will offer you $3000. You did your research, you have your Kelly Blue Book print outs, you know the value of your car, period. If you are willing to be flexible in your asking price, know what your least acceptable offer, or bottom line, is.

As long as you have all of your information for selling a used car (CARFAX, title report, maintenance records) and your KBB market value print-out, you can be confident in your used car price. You did your research and are serious about getting the most for your car.

Don't Be Afraid to Let People Walk!
If you are interested in getting your asking price, you are going to have to let potential buyers walk. Most likely, you will have to 'let go' at least five people before you find a buyer that is willing to pay your price.

Practice Negotiating!
If you have never sold a car before, or are not good with dealing with strangers, you should definitely practice the buyer-seller meeting with your spouse or friend. This will even better prepare you for dealing with pushy people, thus allowing you to get the best price for your used auto.

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