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Improving Your Credit Score

Do you have bad credit? Perhaps you have no credit history. Below are some simple means of building an excellent credit history for individuals with no credit, or even bad credit.

The more information you can offer about yourself, the better.
If you have been living at the same residency for several years, or have had the same job for a few years, let the credit reporting agencies know.  This information is not factored into the determination of your credit score, but it shows stability. Stability can be a factor in lending decisions.

Some more information adding/fixing ideas....

Does your credit report list your current place of employment and your job title? If you have been at your job for two years or less, then your prior employer and job title should be listed as well.

-- Is your current address listed? Is it correct? If you have been living at your residence  for two years or less, then your prior dwelling should be listed as well.

-- Make sure your social security number is listed, and listed properly. Your social security number is the means by which the majority of lenders will identify you.

-- What about your telephone number? Is it listed and is it correct? You need to have a phone number that you can be reached at in order to be granted any type of loan or credit.

-- Does your credit report show all the accounts that have been paid timely? The are lenders that do not report regularly and some only report to one or two of the major bureaus. You can ask a creditor to report more timely and report to all 3 reporting bureaus, but they are not obligated to. If a creditor rejects your request, you can send a letter with copies of a few months statements and canceled checks to prove your timely payment history.

You need to utilize credit in order to build your credit!
Apply for a credit card. A credit card like the Orchard Bank MasterCard is designed for people with no credit and bad credit histories. A positive payment history will help improve your credit rating.

-- Transfer utility bills into your name. Again, a
positive payment history will help improve your credit rating.

-- Apply for a car loan. A no credit auto loan or a bad credit car loan are great means of building a strong credit history.

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