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Home - Learn more about how the bad credit auto loan service of Premier Auto Financing works.

APPLY NOW - Submit an application for a new or used car loan regardless of your past credit history. You can get approved for the financing you need even if you have slow credit, no credit or bad credit; or even if you recently experienced bankruptcy, repossession, divorce and/or foreclosure.

Affiliates - Earn money by joining our incentive driven affiliate program. The more auto loan requests you send, the more money you earn!

Customer Testimonials - Here what some of our satisfied customers are saying!

Car Loan Calculator - Calculate what your monthly auto loan payments may be.

FAQ - All of your questions regarding our good and bad credit car loan service are answered here.

Car Loan Rates - Determine what your interest rate can be.

Contact Us - If you have questions or concerns about our new and used auto loan service, fill out the short form on this page.

Privacy - This page in detail explains how we use your information to process your funding requests.

Car Loan Glossary - Educate yourself on some common terms associated with car loans.

Reestablish Credit With A Used Car Loan - Learn how obtaining a used car loan is an excellent method to reestablish credit.

Determining What Kind of Credit You Have - Do you know what your credit rating is?

Building a Positive Credit History - If you have bad credit or no credit, you can learn how to improve your credit score.

Types of Car Loans:

Student Car Loans - We help student achieve their goals of being behind the wheel of a new car.

Car Loans with No Credit - Build a positive credit history with car loan.

Auto Loans With Bad Credit - Did you know that an auto loan is one of the easy types of credit to obtain if you have bad credit?

Auto Loans with Bankruptcy - Get the second chance you deserve!

Pickup Truck Financing

Car Loans for Acuras

Loans for Buying a Honda

Financing for Infinitis

Dealer Network - Are you a dealer interested in becoming part of the special finance program offered by Premier Auto Financing? You can have good and bad credit car loan leads sent directly to your fax machine upon application submission.

Dealing With Car Dealers - Learn how to avoid the pushy sales tactics of auto dealers.

Car Buying Terms Associated with Dealerships - It is good idea to check this section out if you are interested in buying a new or used car from a dealership.

Negotiation Tactics - Learn how to deal with a pushy dealer.

Car Loan Payments - Learn what the different parts of payments are and how they work.

Leaving a Down Payment - Are there any benefits to leaving a down payment on a car purchase?

I Can't Pay My Car Loan - Learn what you can do if you can no longer afford to pay your auto loan.

Understanding Loans:
How Auto Loans Work - Learn more about the benefits of applying for car financing over the Internet.

Rule of 78 - Any pre-computed loan that uses the Rule of 78 formula should be avoided.

0% Financing - An offer that is too good to be true.

Dangers of 5 and 6 Year Car Loans - Longer loan terms mean lower monthly payments, but more costs in interest!

Having a Co-Signer for Your Auto Loan - Co-signers are not needed when you apply for a bad credit auto loan with Premier Auto Financing. However, a co-signer with great credit will improve that auto loan rate you will receive with your loan.

Buying Tips

Used Cars vs. New Cars - Deciding on whether to buy a new car or a used car can be a difficulty decision. On this page, we have outlined what we feel are the disadvantages and advantages of each.

Buying a Used Car - Buy a car that is in good working condition.

Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Car - You can get a great deal on a great car that you may not normally be able to afford!

Used Cars = Smart Purchase - Buying used can save you money!

Auto Purchasing Tips - This page helps car buyers differentiate between needs and wants when deciding what they want out of their new automobile. Here, you can also learn how to prepare your finances for buying a vehicle.

Car Buying Mistakes - Avoid the mentioned errs on this page and get the best deal for your new car purchase.

Buying or Financing? - Are you thinking about buying a car instead of financing? You may want to re-consider.

Buying a Fuel Economy Car - Combat the high cost of gas! There are many affordable vehicles that are great on gasoline.

Auto Warranties - Protect your investment.

Understanding How Depreciation Works - Whether you are buying a new or used car, or selling, you must know how depreciation works.

Selling Your Car

Selling Your Used Car - Tips that will help ensure a fast sale!

Getting the Best Value for Your Car - Learn how you can get the most money possible when you sell your used car!

Top Cars:
Tops Cars for Seniors - Find out what the best rated cars are for the needs of seniors citizens.

Top Used Cars - Get the best return for your investment.

About Refinancing - Learn more about the auto refinancing process and how you can benefit from it.

Does Refinancing Make Sense - You will not always save money you refinance a car loan.

Auto Insurance:
Choosing Auto Insurance - Helping you select a policy that is right for your needs, while fitting your budget.

Your Credit Effects Your Auto Insurance Rate - Most people do not know that your credit rating will determine how much you pay for your auto insurance.


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