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Regardless if you have good or bad credit, we suggest that you obtain a copy of your credit score prior to applying. Errors and/or outdated information can negatively effect the interest rate you receive for you auto loan. You can get a free copies of all 3 of your 2020 credit scores and reports by clicking here.

My credit is really bad. Will Premier Auto Financing be able to get me approved for an auto loan?
Our bad credit auto financing service has a 98% approval percentage! We should be able to get you behind the seat of the ride your looking for no matter what your past credit history is!

Will I need a co-signer if I have bad credit?
You don't need one, but having a co-signer will help you obtain a lower auto loan rate.

I don't have credit. Can you help me?
Individuals with a lack of credit can get no credit auto financing.

What sort of interest rates should I anticipate for my car loan?
Your auto interest rate will be based on several variables including but not restricted to your credit rating, the total down payment you place on your new car purchase, the duration of your auto loan, whether you are buying a new or used car and what make and model of car you desire. Determine what your payment can be with our car loan calculator.

How fast can I be in possession of a new car?
Typically, you will receive a phone call from your local participating lender within minutes to a few hours from the time you submit your application. If approval is decided for your auto financing, you can be invited down to the lender's financial headquarters to pick up a check. You can be behind the wheel the same day you apply!

What kind of fees are involved with applying for an automobile loan with your company?
Our new and used car loan program is 100% FREE!

I am scared to apply for a car loan over the Internet. I am worried that someone will steal my identity.
Our application is 100% secure, guaranteed! When you hit "submit", your information is electronically encrypted and processed.

Does Premier Auto Financing provide person-to-person loans?
You can utilize the loan you receive from Premier Auto Financing to buy a car from a private seller, more commonly known as person-to-person loans. Or you can choose to visit to your local dealer to pick out a new or used automobiles of your preference.

I am college student. Can you help me?
Yes! We specialize in helping student with bad and no credit get student car loans.

I have an existing high interest auto loan. Can you help me refinance with a lower interest rate?
We offer the most competitive interest rates available for refinancing. You can learn more about refinancing here. Or you can apply for refinancing.

I am own a dealership. How do I join your special finance group?
Please visit our
dealer network page.

Do you guarantee that you will have a lender in my area?
Although we do service the majority of the country, there are some spots where we do not have lenders and can not provide service to.

Do you guarantee approval for my loan?
No, we do not guarantee approval.

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