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Auto Purchasing Tips

In addition to examining the information on this page, we also suggest that you read the section describing the biggest mistakes made by consumers when buying new cars.

Below are some basic tips that will help you when financing a new car. It is a good idea to follow the suggestions below even if you are you thinking about buying a car outright.

What Kind of Car?
Purchasing an automobile is not simple. First, you must select what make and model of car you want. You then must decide if you want to buy new or used. You can learn some helpful car buying tips for buying a used car. We also offer pickup truck loans.

Needs vs. Wants
Decide what your needs are, then what your wants are. Most consumers do it the other way around and end up with a vehicle that they like because it is what they desired. Many times they end not liking their new car because it does not meet their requirements. Determine what features that you absolutely must have (needs), and then figure out what features you would like to have (wants). Your wants should only be attained as long as they match the amount you want to spend. You need to determine this all out prior to visiting the car dealership. Trying to determine which features are important to you while in the dealership will only cost you money and cause you despair.

Instances of Needs:
1. Automatic Transmission
2. 4 Doors
3. Child safety seats
4. Luggage rack
5. Air Conditioning
6. Rear defroster/heated mirrors
7. Towing package (if you are planning to tow a trailer, boat, etc.)
8. Station wagon or Minivan
9. Fuel Efficiency

Instances of Wants:
1. Red car with black interior (or any precise color)
2. Upgraded interior
3. Sunroofs/moon roofs
4. Sport wheels
5. Spoilers/ground effects
6. Engine with more horsepower than you need.
7. 6 disc CD Player
8. Electronic gauge

People of all different ages and lifestyles are going to have different needs and wants. We have put together a list of cars that we feel are the best for the needs of people over the age of 65, seniors.

Prepare Your Finances
When applying for an auto loan it is vital that you run your credit history by getting a copy of your credit report. Reducing the possibility that mis-information is listed that could harm--or put a stop to--your approval for funding. You can receive a
FREE copy of your credit scores from by clicking here. We recommend that you check your credit before applying for an auto loan.

Get a Copy of the Vehicle's History
Before you buy any automobile, you must get a copy of the car's history from
CARFAX. This report will tell you if the car has been in accident and/or stolen.

If you plan on purchasing from a dealership, you must read the negotiation tips section as well as the
dealing with auto dealers section.
When finalizing your new or used car purchase, make sure that you READ ALL PAPERWORK BEFORE SIGNING, as well as all of the fine print! Figure out beforehand if you necessitate a warranty, and don't allow any "dealer extras" or added charges slide by. 

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