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Car Loans With No Credit

Having no credit can be very frustrating. Lenders label individuals with no credit histories as 'high risk'. With a lack of credit, its hard to get approved for certain types of loans and credit cards. So, you may ask 'How do I get the credit I need, if no one will lend to me because I have no credit?!?'. There a few things you can do that will help eliminate your no credit history. One of the things you can do is apply for a car loan with no credit with Premier Auto Finance!

How do I get approved for an auto loan with no credit?
Getting approved for a car loan when you have no credit is not as difficult as you think. Premier Auto Financing grants car financing requests to people with a lack of credit because the automobiles associated with the loan act as security. Meaning, if you neglect to make the car loan payments, you will lose your car. Having a car repossessed when you have no credit will turn your no credit history into a very bad one. If you can not afford to make the payments for a new or used car, then don't buy one until you can. Also, it is not smart to buy a car that it is out of your budgeted price range. If you do this, you will struggle to make payments every month. You want to enjoy your new car, not have to worry about how you are going to pay for it. It is a good idea to use our car loan calculator to estimate what your monthly payments can be. It is a good idea to read the section on what you can do if you have have problems paying your auto loan.

What kind of interest rates are associated with no credit auto loans?
Premier Auto Financing will work within our lending network to find you the most competitive rate available for auto financing with no credit. You have to expect though, that because you have no credit, your interest rate will be a little bit higher than someone with good credit. However, you will receive an interest rate that is better than those associated with bad credit car loans. Interest rates will vary for each applicant and will depend on how much you put down, the length of the loan and what kind of car you are buying. We do provide loan programs that are 100% financing for people with no credit. Educate yourself more on car loan rates.

A few more tips....
If you applied for car financing with no credit and received an interest rate that is higher than what you expected, don't worry! Here is what you can do.....there are credit cards available that are designed for people with no credit. When suggest that you apply for a credit card with no credit. Use this credit card wisely and pay your balance in full every month. You can expect to see your credit score improve greatly after about 3-4 months of a positive payment history of your car loan and credit card. Then, you can refinance your car loan with Premier Auto Financing and receive an interest rate that is more reflective of someone with good credit.

Apply for no credit auto loans.

Learn how to build your credit!
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ou can learn how to build your credit rating.

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