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Fuel-Efficient Automobiles

Gas prices are higher than they have ever been. In fact, gas prices are expected to continue to rise. Therefore it is very important to consider fuel efficiency when purchasing a new or used car. Contrary to the past, you can find an automobile that not only fits all of your needs, but is also great on conserving gas.

Finding a Fuel-Efficient Car
The first spot you should visit when looking for a fuel efficient car is FuelEconomy.gov. This site provides all of mileage and emissions rating for all automobiles on the market, new or used.

Below are some tips that will help you select a fuel efficient auto that is right for your needs.

Standard vs. Automatic Transmission - Not only do manual transmissions make the purchase price of a car higher, they are not as good on gas as cars that are stick-shift. Driving stick is not hard, but can be annoying if you are in stop-and-go traffic all the time. Living in the city would make it difficult to drive stick.

Four-Cylinder vs. V6 and V8 - Typically, the smaller a car's engine, the better the automobile is on gas.

Hybrids - Hybrids top the least of fuel efficient cars.

Diesels - Diesel cars have come a long way. These cars are no longer loud, slow junk boxes. Excellent diesel cars are being produced by VW. These cars are extremely fuel efficient.

Shopping for a Fuel-Efficient Car
Now that you have used the tips above to decide what kind of fuel efficient car to buy, you need to get the best deal. The tips below as well as things to avoid while buying a car should be taken into consideration when in the market for a fuel efficient vehicle.

Plan ahead - Most new cars that are fuel efficient are very popular. This means that the availability is going to limited. So, if you are interested in a particular car, you should put your name on the dealer's waiting list to ensure that you get the car you want when you want it.

Evaluate the price - Because fuel efficient cars are so popular, you will often end up paying more than the MSRP for the car. However, take into the consideration the amount of money you will save on gas. This factor should easily overcome the increased price you pay because of the car's popularity.

Research - Hybrids are the most fuel efficient. However, there are many cars on the market that are fuel efficient. Do your homework and research all of the available fuel efficient cars. You likely will be able to find a car that is specific for all of your needs!

Shop around - As mentioned, the selling prices of the popular fuel efficient cars are going to be higher than the MSRP. Therefore, it would be a good idea to get prices from multiple dealers.

Buy a certified pre-owned fuel efficient car - Fuel efficient cars have been around for some time. You should be able to get an excellent deal on a certified pre-owned one.

Premier Auto Financing provides the resources and tools for making wise decisions when in the market for a fuel-economy vehicle. You can apply for an auto loan for any make or model of fuel-economy car. Let us get you the financing you need!

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