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Reliable Used Cars

Buying a used car is not easy. There are so many different makes and models on the market, from all different years. Below is a list of used cars we feel provide the best return on investment. We have detailed one group from each major type of car: economy, midsize, larger, luxury, sports, mini-vans, SUVs, mini-SUVs and pickup trucks.  We also suggest you educate yourself with some tips on buying used cars. You should also consider buying a certified pre-owned car for any of the vehicles listed below.

Large Cars - Ford Crown Victoria
Have you ever noticed how the cops and taxis companies utilize V8, rear-wheel drive sedans? Why do you think that is? Because those cars can take licking, and keep on ticking! These cars all very comfortable and able to store a great deal in their oversized trunks. In addition this car is great when it comes to fuel efficiency and have very low maintenance requirements.

Midsize Cars - Toyota Camry
The overall quality of this car is great. The car looks very nice and rides very comfortably. The Camry also offers slightly more leg room that the average midsize automobile. This car also offers great driving dynamics.

Economy Cars - Honda Civic
This is one of the most fuel efficient cars on the road. The Civic offers a sporty driving feel with 160-horsepower. This car also comes in two different body styles: a coup for individuals on the go and a sedan for families and larger groups.

Sports Cars - Mazda Miata
If you have ever wondered what is like to drive a sports car, the Miata is it. These car features the most all-around automotive muscle of affordable sports cars. The car's ultra sensitive steering and short shifts in the manual-transmission create an amazing driving experience. The Miata also offers a wide variety of aftermarket accessories.

Luxury Cars - Lexus ES 300
This car is roomier than most entry-level luxury automobiles. This car both drives and accommodates very comfortably. The only maintenance the Lexus ES 300 requires is the usual oil change.

SUV - Nissan Pathfinder
The Nissan Pathfinder features an variety of driveline components, making this one of the most powerful SUVs on the market. However, this car requires more than normal maintenance. This is the case with most SUVs. This car gets our thumbs up because it offers a more comfortable ride and cargo room that the competition.

Mini-SUV - Honda CR-V
Because of their large storage capabilities and the safe rides they offer, SUVs have become very popular. However, SUVs are gas guzzlers. Most people will also never need the off-road handling that SUVs offer. A great option are mini-SUVs. We give our nod to the Honda CR-V. The car is the most room and powerful mini-SUV on the market. It is also great on gas. The storage potential offered is comparable to regular SUVs.

Mini-Vans - Honda Odyssey
In addition to its huge interior (can seat up to 7 passengers) and retractable third row (for storing bigger items), this car features a very powerful V-6 engine. The Honda Odyssey costs more than most mini-vans, but the investment is well worth it.

Pickup Trucks - Ford F-150
The Ford F-150 has been the top selling automobile in the United State for over twenty years! Car features precise steering, smooth brakes and power plants, a large cabin, and multiple trims to choose.

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